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Making Sense and Dollars of the CCPA and GDPR

By Deborah Brooks Lamb | Jan 31, 2019

If you’re a solution provider, system integrator, reseller, MSP, xSP, et cetera, you already bear great responsibility for helping your customers comply with data protection and security mandates. In fact, you are probably their trusted go-to advisor.

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Backup Software and Intrusion Detection Aren't Enough. Here's Why.

By Deborah Brooks Lamb | Jan 22, 2019

Theses are statements I often hear:

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Six Biggest Data Backup Problems Facing Businesses Today

By Lori Steuart | Dec 11, 2018

It’s the middle of the workday, and a call comes in from a distraught customer. He can’t log in to your service. He needs access to his data right now and can’t get to it. Before he can be helped, three more calls and a dozen emails come in from customers with the same problem. Your social media team is suddenly putting out fires on Twitter. All of your support staff are talking…

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Municipal IT Security Is Top of Mind at MISA Infosec, but Few Are Prepared

By Deborah Brooks Lamb | Nov 07, 2018

The rise in cyberattacks on local and municipal governments was the focus of the recent MISA Ontario Infosec conference held in October, and we at ioFABRIC learned a lot. Unfortunately, what we learned wasn’t all good.

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Don't Let Your City Be Held for Ransom

By Deborah Brooks Lamb | Oct 22, 2018

ZDNet has reported that 19 percent of all ransomware attacks are directed at government agencies, and it’s no surprise why. As we discussed previously, small IT teams and small budgets set up some difficult conditions for data protection.

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By Deborah Brooks Lamb | Oct 11, 2018

So goes the adage, a staple of Russian wisdom brought to the west by former U.S. president Ronald Reagan (and attributed wrongly to many in the tech industry, including Bill Gates and Scott McNeely).

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By Lori Steuart | Oct 11, 2018

Despite the efforts of every storage software company to integrate data protection services, including backup, recent surveys show there is still great cause for alarm.

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