Six Biggest Data Backup Problems Facing Businesses Today

It’s the middle of the workday, and a call comes in from a distraught customer. He can’t log in to your service. He needs access to his data right now and can’t get to it. Before he can be helped, three more calls and a dozen emails come in from customers with the same problem. Your social media team is suddenly putting out fires on Twitter. All of your support staff are talking irate customers through the same problem, and new tickets are being opened at an alarming rate.

Is this your nightmare scenario?

If the thought of losing access to your data is unacceptable, you’re not alone. Many businesses run critical services and even an hour of downtime can cause serious issues for customers and irreparable damage to reputations.

There are a few common problems that plague businesses that rely on their data being secure and available. If any of the following six problems ring true for you, you owe it to yourself and your customers to begin prioritizing a data recovery solution that works.

Problem #1: Backups are unreliable

It’s a sad truth that many backup solutions fail when they’re needed most. Despite the promise of protecting your data, you could end up with massive data loss if you’re not using a reputable, reliable solution. Your data needs to be backed up and accessible during even the most catastrophic event.

Problem #2: Long and unpredictable recovery times

When your data becomes compromised, you need to be confident that your customers won’t feel the effects. And in order to be confident, you can’t afford to use a solution that may take hours, days or even weeks to fully recover because your backup wasn’t validated on a day-to-day basis. A quick – or better yet, instant – failover ability is absolutely essential.

Problem #3: Unproductive secondary storage

Secondary storage is often seen as an unproductive necessity – it is required if your backups are going to be effective, but it often eats up space and budget without providing additional value. Not all backup solutions are built alike, however, and you don’t have to accept the inevitability of unproductive secondary storage. In fact, with the right solution it can be utilized as a powerful searchable archive. 

Problem #4: Data is vulnerable

Whether it’s human error, infrastructure failures or ransomware, your data is vulnerable. There are too many variables in data storage to take a risk on a backup solution that doesn’t offer 100% protection against all possible causes of corruption or downtime.

Problem #5: Exponential storage CAPEX growth

As your business grows, your storage needs grow… and grow… and grow. And it’s often difficult for the budget to keep up.

There are ways to mitigate the snowballing of data storage and backup expenses, not the least of which is leveraging the cloud for secondary data. This reduces the need for more expensive solutions and choosing a vendor that can scale to the cloud can result in some significant long-term cost savings. 

Problem #6: Inability to demonstrate regulatory compliance

A backup solution without a robust search feature is going to make it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to provide adequate regulatory compliance.

Industry-specific regulations as well as GDPR and other laws require that specific data, like banking or personally identifiable information, be readily accessible by its owner. If you can’t search your backups for this information in a timely manner, you run the risk of non-compliance.  

The Solution: Archive Intelligence by ioFABRIC

With all these requirements, you might think there is no product that can truly deliver on everything. But Archive Intelligence does just that and provides your data with the protection from downtime, data loss, and malicious attacks that your customers deserve.

Here’s what Archive Intelligence offers:

  1. VM cluster failover in 15 seconds! Yes, we can do that.
  2. Data is made immutable, so malicious attacks and other disasters can’t affect your data
  3. Ransomware detection so you know when someone unauthorized is on your systems
  4. Backups pre-booted so you know they are usable and complete

Schedule time in our product sandbox, or get a demo, to see for yourself how AI makes those nightmares a long lost memory.

Lori Steuart

Lori Steuart

Lori is the Marketing Manager at ioFABRIC. She is an English Master and tech amateur. She plays music, on words, and well with others. Catch her on Twitter at @loriexaggerates.